The Facts

MYTH: BDS is a grassroots movement organically spread by college students.

FACT: BDS is a coordinated, national campaign supported by a network of professionals and organizations that hide their financing from the public.

“These are not organized by a couple of students here and there. You see the same speakers, you see the same programs, you even see the same logos and handouts.” – Professor Gerald Steinberg of NGO Monitor (“BDS Money Trail,” 3/24/15)

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is the primary organizer of BDS initiatives and anti-Israel activities on U.S. college campuses.

But SJP is not a legal entity, it does not file tax documents, nor does it disclose its staff and directors. Instead, SJP relies on third party organizations to finance its activities, including nonprofits like the Wespac Foundation in New York and American Muslims for Palestine.

Groups like SJP recruit students to launch BDS initiatives, and then control the process with pre-fabricated materials and trainings to ensure messaging and tactics are coordinated across college campuses.

SJP utilizes students to undermine peace and cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians by promoting anti-normalization as part of BDS. Anti-normalization means opposition to normal interactions and relations.