National SJP Lies

November 7th, 2018

National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) made a statement attacking UCLA for criticizing their conference logo. Last week, UCLA sent a cease-and-desist letter to National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) over their logo for the upcoming NSJP conference on Nov. 16–18. The letter began by noting that the logo had “the unauthorized use” of UCLA’s name and Bruin icon.

In NSJP’s statement, the organization claims, “UCLA’S racist and gross mischaracterization of our design ignores the fact that kite-flying is a common pastime in Gaza, and has long been a symbol of freedom for Palestinians.” They go on to say, “In fact, when children in Gaza gathered on the beach to break the Guiness World Record for most kites flown at one time, the story garnered international media coverage. The kites were repeatedly referred to as a symbol of freedom by the head of the United Nations in Gaza and children participating in the event. During Gaza’s March of Return, children also flew kites.”

NSJP is lying. On Nov. 1, SJP at UCLA hosted an event named “SJP at UCLA Week 5 GBM”. During the meeting, SJP discussed specific details about the NSJP 2018 Conference logo. A UCLA SJP organizer said, “And the kite. There were some Palestinians in Gaza, and they light them on fire, and use it to burn down crops on the other side of the border.” The SJP organizer also announced that an SJP member named “Tina” is responsible for designing the logo. These kites are not a symbol of freedom for Palestinians; these kites are a symbol for the destruction of Israel.

NSJP can lie and pretend that the logo has nothing to do with terrorism, but their words speak for themselves. The UCLA SJP members that designed the logo admit behind closed doors that the logo is intended to drive hate and violence.

Judea Pearl, chancellor professor of computer science at UCLA, said, “I have served on the faculty of UCLA for 49 years, and I have never thought I would see the day when the symbol of my university would turn into a Hamas recruitment poster. The NSJP Conference reminds us that hate did not stop at Pittsburgh. U.S. campuses, emboldened by our blindness and inaction are now offering racist groups a fertile ground to spawn their venom, test out intimidating tactics, and gain academic legitimacy. The stench of hatred and sounds of incitement to hostilities that will emerge from the NSJP Conference will damage UCLA’s reputation irreparably.”

We all know the truth behind the NSJP logo. UCLA should hold National SJP and its members accountable for the hate and violence that they bring to campus.