NSJP Organizer Threatens Violence Against Zionists

November 2nd, 2018

Robert Gardner has been identified as an organizer for the National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) 2018 conference. NSJP will host its eighth annual conference at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The event, based on the theme of “resistance in the face of adversity,” will take place from November 16–18.

Robert Gardner has displayed violent and anti-Semitic behavior. Gardner is a member of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He was part of the group that violently disrupted a May 17 “Indigenous Peoples” event at UCLA organized by Students Supporting Israel (SSI).

Now, tweets have exposed Robert Gardner as being insensitive and disrespectful towards Jews. He also attacks UCLA Hillel and “Zionist Students” and says they “take away money from marginalized communities.” The effects of racism and anti-Semitism are very much being felt around the world. It is very concerning that the leader of a conference that has been called anti-Semitic shows such insensitivity towards Jews.