Palestinian Conference Leader Jokes About Raping Women

October 31st, 2018

Raphael Mina Eissa, one of the organizers of the 2018 National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) conference, has displayed a history of violence and discrimination. NSJP is holding their eighth annual conference at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The event, based on the theme of “resistance in the face of adversity,” will take place from November 16–18.

In a newly discovered tweet from NSJP organizer Raphael Mina Eissa, Eissa made offensive comments against women. He tweeted “don’t flatter urself” in regards to concerned women. This revelation comes during a period in America where violence towards women is not taken lightly.

Additionally, Raphael Mina Eissa displayed behavior of racism and discrimination on his public Twitter account. His tweets use derogatory terms towards members of the African American and LGBTQ communities. Raphael has also demonstrated aggressive behavior towards Jewish and Israeli students at UCLA. He violently disrupted events on campus and harassed pro-Israel speakers. Raphael also tweeted that he wanted to make signs that say, “We shit on Israel.”

Raphael Mina Eissa should not be welcomed in NSJP or at their conference on UCLA’s campus. With such a hateful and discriminatory leader, the NSJP conference should be labeled exclusionary and anti-Semitic. When will National Students for Justice in Palestine condemn Raphael? And when will UCLA condemn NSJP for its horrendous display of hate?